Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Essay

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Modern warfare one is a first person shooter game but it was never called modern warfare. It was called Call of duty four modern warfare. This was the new game series modern warfare and the last call of duty but this call of duty was not based off of world war two. This game was based off the modern world. This was announced on April 12, 2001. The game was released on November 5, 2007. The call of duty 4 modern warfare game play was published by Activision and developed by infinity ward. The game can be played on windows, Os x, Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 3. The game play of call of duty modern warfare is like film like plot and interlaced story lines 2001. The story lines are based of the perspectives of Sgt. …show more content…
Dunn, in defense of a suburb in north-eastern Virginia against the Russian invasion. During their assault in a suburban neighborhood that is occupied by Russian, Sheperd reaches out to Foley, and orders him to extract an HVI, claiming that he has important information about the war effort. Once they reach the HVI’s safe house, Foley and his squad realize that the safe house was invaded and the HVI was murdered along with several other soldiers, all of them bearing odd tattoos. Foley notices that the safe room was not breached by force as Dunn is checking bodies for information, or intel. The squad later proceed towards Washington, D.C., which is already war-torn, and where United States forces are actively fighting the Russians to save the control of the Capital City of America. Foley and his men continue on to Russian occupied Capital building where they are given the job of destroying emplaced Anti-Aircraft guns that prevent the U.S. Army from evacuating civilians. The squad later provide the U.S. Airforce on board a helicopter air support, but it is sadly shot down out of the sky. Foley’s squad, running low on ammunition, make a fighting last stand against the Russian Army before a sudden flash halts their …show more content…
Sledgehammer Games worked with Infinity Ward to complete all aspects of the once cancelled action-adventure game and helped complete Modern Warfare 3. Raven Software also helped with user interface and software, like they did with past C O D games, the content was downloaded and released monthly, for 9 months before the full game was available, but leaks by gaming news site Koaku caused the trailers to be released earlier than planned. The Launch Trailer was released on October 21 st , 2011 and labeled “the next chapter in the worldwide phenomenon” as “the most anticipated game in history” 2001.
Plot: Hours after killing General Shepherd, Captain John Price and Nikolai bring John “Soap” MacTavish to a safe-house that is run by Nikolai’s friends in India. AS Soap is getting medical treatment, a large group of men are ordered by Makarov to storm the safe house and kill all three. Yuri, a soldier, helps Price give Soap medical care and secures a safe way to the extraction point and out of the

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