The Name Of Caesar, Gaius Caesar: Third Emperor Of Rome

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Emperor Research Questions
1. What is the name of your emperor?
The name of my emperor was, Gaius Caesar, “Caligula”, which means (little boot).

2. When was he in power? Caligula was in power as the third emperor of Rome from 37-41 AD.


3. Write one substantial paragraph (at least 5 sentences) describing and contextualizing what was happening in Rome at this time? Mention any enemies Rome may have had at this time.
During this time Rome was at a peak, the had complete control of the Mediterranean, Rome was so large and powerful it had no real foreign enemies at this time. However, domestically, a lot was happening in Rome
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Caligula, who considered himself a living god, felt that his sickness would jeopardize his success and power. So he began executing many people who were close to him and other political figures who he saw as threats to his power, and he did these executions in the most disturbed way possible. He began executing people in his family who he thought would try to overthrow him, he killed his father in law, his brother in law and exiled his sisters. Other political leaders who he saw as threats to his success he executed, and made the mothers and fathers of the political officials watch their own children be executed. This was dangerous to the stability of Rome’s government; many senators started to fear for their lives, wanting Caligula, a member of the Roman Government, to be killed. If one senator were to succeed in killing Caligula, the government would go into complete chaos. Also with senators fearing for their lives, there becomes trust issues within the government, no one trusting one another, everyone always looking over their shoulder, all this distracting them form doing their jobs as members of the government, which could have resulted in the downfall of Rome …show more content…
Who did he succeed in power?

Caligula succeeded Tiberius as emperor of Rome.

14. Who succeeded him in power?

Caligula’s uncle, Cladius, was the one to succeed him as emperor.


15. Overall, was this emperor good or bad for Rome? Why? (Please write one substantial paragraph of at 6-8 sentences outlining your answer. No source required…this is your opinion but it must be supported.)
Overall Caligula was not a good emperor for Rome. In the end Caligula’s detrimental acts hurt Rome more that his beneficial acts helped Rome. In first few months of his time as emperor he did help improve the life of many Romans by eliminating taxes and building aqueducts, but after becoming ill all he did was destroy the progress he had made and caused trouble in Rome. He did this when his mental state of being a god made him waste the governments money on statues and buildings in his honor; also murdering many Romans within the government, caused anger and tension within Rome, again, hurting it. In the end Caligula was a young, hopeful figure for many Romans, that ended up becoming their worst

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