Caligula During The Roman Empire

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Caligula During the Roman era it was a time of innovation, brutality and with a great dynasty flourishing the emperor would take credit for their success. However, not all emperors of Rome were the essence of a great leader, like Augustus, but instead ruled with fear, and corruption. Furthermore, Around 30 AD there was an emperor named Tiberius who was putting the stability of Rome in question; for example, his judging was questionable, he raised taxes, pocked the profits, cut back on festivals and games for the people. The senate and the people of Rome were getting tired of Tiberius and were ready for a new emperor. One man who was gaining a lot of popularity was a General named Germanicus the husband of Augustus’s granddaughter. Germanicus …show more content…
His path to becoming an emperor begins when Caligula would turn 17, he is then summand to the island of Capri where Tiberius lived. When people first hear of Caligula’s summons some were excited because they thought Tiberius was going to make the young ambitious kid an emperor and some assumed death. However, Tiberius welcomed Caligula with opened arms and started preparing the young prince for the role of emperor as Tiberius was getting old and had no other heir to the throne. After living on the island of Capri for six years, Tiberius becomes ill at the age of seventy seven and Caligula sees an opportunity for advancement, so Caligula bribes Macro, the Praetorian Guard, to help him become emperor. Macro agrees and turns the other way while Caligula would finally avenge his family’s death by suffocating Tiberius. When Tiberius died the Praetorian Guard stormed Caligula to Rome to get the senate’s approval for their new emperor, and that is where Caligula gave his famous speech that amazed the senate so much that they did not only make the 24 year old emperor, but they gave him the highest honors like Augustus. After a while Caligula started becoming ill and Marco turned his back on him and started preparing Caligula’s 14 year old cousin to become the next emperor, but when Caligula recovered and had realized what was going on, he was not

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