California 's Unified School District Board Essay

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On December 18, 1996 in light of failure to adequately educate African American students, Oakland California 's Unified School District Board unanimously passed a resolution declaring African American English (AAE) a language in its own right. The board (1996) issued a statement which delineated the resolution and how to move forward stating that “Be it further resolved that the Superintendent in conjunction with her staff shall immediately devise and implement the best possible academic program for imparting instruction to African American students in their primary language for the combined purposes of maintaining the legitimacy and richness of such language” (p. 2). Subsequently, the board and its members were criticized, defamed and persecuted by media and the nation. A Senate hearing was held to examine a congressional proposal to cut federal aid to school systems that had programs in AAE. On January 15, 1997, the Oakland School Board voted unanimously once again; however, this time on a retraction of the previous resolution and implementation a traditional, more conservative pedagogical design (Oakland Amends Ebonics Resolution, 2007). Georgia State Senate and South Carolina 's House passed a bills banning AAE instruction, while Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (1997) banned AAE instruction and indicated that the ban was “immediately necessary for the preservation of public peace, health, and safety, an emergency is hereby declared to exist” (p.37) .…

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