California 's New Laws, What 's The Big Deal? Essay

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California’s New Laws, What’s the Big Deal?
The new laws for California face restrictions, regulations, and benefits. Many of the 807 bills signed into laws t hat touch on broad aspects of the residents’ everyday lives and address major issues, and life and death. The new laws include topics such as: animals and environment, crime and punishment, healthcare, immigrants, workers, students and parents. According to Los Angeles Times website, there are some laws that are presented as weak and will cause problems in the near future. The three laws that appear powerless: temporary gun seizures from people judged to be a danger, police required to collect data on the people they stop and state-paid healthcare for kids in U.S. illegally. Family members or law enforcement officers can ask a court for a restraining order against a person believed to be a threat, barring his or her possession of firearms for 21 days. This law became active due to the mass shootings in the United States such as the disturbed man who killed six UC Santa Barbara students and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. According to Patrick McGreevy on the LA Times, “Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation allowing temporary seizure of guns from people determined by the courts to be a threat to themselves or others.” Even though family are the first one to spot the warning signs when someone is disturbed, some of them don’t want to rat their family members out due to betraying the person or think that they…

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