Caledonia Projects Essay examples

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Caledonia Products
March 24, 2013
BUS 401 Principles of Finance

Caledonia Products
Caledonia products is a company in which wants to foresee if the company should be invested into and if it has potential to invest. As we focus on free cash flows other then accounting profits because there are flows in which the firm receives and can reinvest. By only examining cash flows which is, “the amount of cash available from operation after the firm pays for the investment it has made in operating working capital and fixed assets. This cash is available to distribute to the firm’s creditors and owners.”( Keown, A., Martin, J., & Petty, J. (2011). Foundations of finance (7th ed.). We are only interested in these cash flows on after tax basis
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We also have the project’s contribution to the firm’s risk which is the amount of risk the project contributes to the firm as a whole. This measure considers fact of some of the project’s risk which will be diversified away as the project is put together with the firm’s other project and assets but does ignore the effects of diversification of the firm’s shareholders.
There is a systematic risk, which is the risk of the project from the viewpoint of a well diversified shareholder, which this measure considers the fact that some of a project’s risk will be diversified away as the project is combined with the firm’s other projects and also of the remaining of the risk will be diversified away by the shareholders as they put together this stock with other stocks in their portfolio.”A firm tries to undertake in physical assets with an expectation that it provides higher rate of return than investments in the financial market.”( Pushpender, S. R. (2003). Principles of corporate finance. Finance India, 17(2), 685-687.)
According to the CAPM, systematic risk is the only relevant risk for capital budgeting purposes; however, the reality which complicates this somewhat. In many instances, a firm will have changeless shareholders; and for them, the relevant measure of risk is the project’s contribution to firm risk. The possibility of bankruptcy also does affect our view of what the measure of risk is appropriate because of the

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