Caldwell Memorial Hospital : Not Provide Adequate Health Care For The County

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Lights, sirens, and a horn are all a man on the ground can hear and see. When the ambulance arrives he is asked, “Which hospital would you prefer to be taken to?” The man is just four blocks away from Caldwell Memorial Hospital, but he says, “I want to live so take me to Frye”. Why would a man so close to a hospital want to go to one 18 miles away? Caldwell Memorial Hospital, the only hospital in Caldwell County, does not provide adequate health care for the county. This inadequate health care at its finest should not be taken lightly and should be brought to the attention of all those who deserve the best health care possible. To understand the complexity of the question asked, a history of the hospital is necessary. Caldwell Memorial Hospital was built in 1950 for only $1.25 million. In 2015, that cost would be equivalent to $12,129,306. Caldwell opened on January 1, 1951, with 100 beds and 17 employees (Hardy 81). Caldwell Memorial Hospital was the only hospital to survive in Caldwell County through the years. Originally the cost for a one night stay in one of Caldwell’s ward rooms was $6, but the cost has gone up extremely. In Hardy’s book, Caldwell County, he stated that Caldwell was originally built to be easily accessible for the residents of Lenoir, NC (82). Since being built, Caldwell has come a very long way. Caldwell has improved with the advancement of technology in the United States. Caldwell had over 50 providers before the takeover of UNC Health Care in…

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