Cal And Emily 's Divorce Kick Essay

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Cal and Emily are the couple that begin and end the movie for us. Cal and Emily’s divorce kick starts Cal meeting Jacob and Jacob meeting Hanna. The relationship that Cal and Emily have in the beginning is unfulfilled. Emily asks for a divorce because she’s feeling very unsatisfied. Cal is very shocked because he thought everything was going well. They have a beautiful house, lovely kids; they’ve been together for 25 years--Cal was in the happiest relationship of his life, and he thought Emily was too.

There are five defining moments in Cal and Emily’s relationship in this movie. I am going to refer to them as the Dinner, the Garden, the Parent/Teacher Conference, the Mini Golf Fiasco, and the Graduation.

The Dinner: Before the dinner starts, Emily and Cal are in a marriage of 25 years. They are committed, but not content. Cal is the one with agape love, he sees Emily as the love of his life and he would do anything to make her happy. Emily is the one with pragma love because she needs something else to complete her list of a perfect relationship, something she wants is missing. Together, Emily and Cal have only empty love. In accordance to Sternberg’s Three Building Blocks (Miller 2012), Cal and Emily have the commitment part down pat. But to finish their triangle, they still need passion and intimacy. Emily has come to realize that their marriage is without passion, because in order to gain some semblance of passion in her life, she sleeps with David. David…

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