Caffeine Essay

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Today, there are many kind of soft drinks that produced by many company such as Pepsi, Coca Cola, and 7-up. These drinks are loved by the customers and these drinks are the bestselling drinks on the market. Another type of drinks that also very popular and loved by customer is energy drinks such as Monster, Redbull, and RockStar. These drinks became very popular not only because of the taste of them, but also because of the stimulant inside the drinks which is caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant can damage the nervous system if it’s used too much. Caffeine can also lead to some serious problem such as risk of disease, addiction and sleep loss.
One of the most common effects of caffeine is sleep loss. If one uses too much of caffeine, he
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These drinks also involve in many sports events such as racing, football or UFC. On TV, these energy drinks are advertised by famous racers or athletes. Young teenagers love these racers and athletes so they see these racers and athletes as their idol. For these teenagers, drinking a can of energy drink that advertised by their idol is very cool. Thus, young teenagers don’t care about the dangers of energy drinks. In the article named Caffeine: the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly” written by Schellack Gustav, Gustav shows the reader about the downside of using caffeine other than sleep loss. These negative effects are “Irritability, jitteriness, dysphoria and vertigo. Feelings of fear and panic may even be elicited. Heart palpitations and cardiac arrhythmias. Patients who suffer from cardiac conditions, including ischaemic heart disease, should probably avoid consuming caffeine altogether. Hypertension. Headaches. Dehydration, due to the diuretic properties of caffeine. Increased secretion of gastric acid and digestive enzymes. Tolerance and caffeine dependence (Gustav 14).”
Moreover, caffeine can turns to a dangerous weapon if it combined with alcohol. Many research shows if someone drinks a mix of caffeine and alcohol, he is taking a risk and he can die by this mix. There are many people are doing this crazy things. Especially, the teenager and college students, these young students love to have a party every weekend and they also love to try new things such as

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