Essay about Caffeine Is Addictive And How It Affects Us

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We all know about caffeine; your mother when you were little, did not allow you to have too much of it considering it made you hyper. Back then, we would have thought our mothers were just being cruel to us, but it was in our best interest. Why, you may ask: it’s because of how caffeine is addictive and how it affects us. According to an online encyclopedia, caffeine is, “ a stimulant, and is found in small amounts in coffee, tea, and colas...When taken in small amounts, caffeine increases alertness and energy. When taken in large amounts, however, it causes nervousness and loss of sleep” (“World Book Caffeine”). When you drink a cup of coffee you may feel a little alert, providing you with energy to get through the day; which is fantastic, but it is when you decide you need more and more, that it begins to become a problem. Students know this as well as people who have stressful jobs with strict deadlines. Caffeine could be considered the backbone of student life. It helps you stay awake for hours while you are studying for that important test, or writing that 10 page essay, due tomorrow, that you have procrastinated for weeks.
When you think of that cup of coffee you need, every single morning, you need in order to function; you almost never think- Wow, I’m addicted. Caffeine is a highly addictive substance, found in some of our favorite foods and drinks we consume. I read a book recently about caffeine addiction and the author, Marina Kushner, stated that pure caffeine…

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