Essay about Caffeine Good Or Bad?

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Caffeine Good or Bad? Do you really need that extra energy? To obtain that energy, people generally consume food and beverages that contain the ingredient caffeine. For as long as humans been around, at least ninety percent of adults from all around the world ingest caffeine. Interestingly, a stimulant also found in various plant species is caffeine, which acts as a natural defence mechanism, paralyzing and killing insects that feed upon the plant. Even if caffeine is not for humans to consume, it can act as a pesticide. With that being said, if caffeine is detrimental and dangerous to insects, is it also as harmful to human beings? To a certain extent, yes, but various studies and statistics show that the effects of caffeine being fatal is very rare. Therefore, caffeine is more likely to benefit you rather than put you at risk for deadly symptoms. There have been common misconceptions about caffeine. During pregnancy, there is no link between caffeine and reproduction risks such as spontaneous abortion, preterm birth, low birth weight, or congenital malformations. Anyhow, caffeine does not have a dehydrating effect. Anyhow, it does act as a diuretic, a substance that causes humans to urinate more often. So therefore, caffeine does not dehydrate a person directly, it just gets rid of bodily fluids faster. More importantly, consuming caffeine does not increase the risk of getting cancer. As WebMD, a very credible website with one hundred other doctors and medical experts…

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