Essay on Caffeine Addiction : Caffeine Alcohol Addiction

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Caffeine Addiction

I grew up drinking caffeine; from Gurana soda to Starbucks, the consumption of caffeine has been a daily part of my life. Most days I roll out of bed and sit down for a steaming cup of coffee with vanilla creamer, honey, and brown sugar. My buddy Mike sits across from me drinking a large mug almost black. Before I walk out the door I shove four, maybe five, Dr.Peppers in my bag and walk out the door. After I finish my first class I stop at the local coffee shop for a Chai tea latte. I drink a few cans of soda at work before heading home. When I get home I kick off my shoes and put water on the stove and have tea before bed. Maybe it’s the culture of my family. My grandmother is Brazilian and my mother has been a caffeine addict since college. Maybe being pre-exposed to caffeine has lead up to this, but I can safely say I am a caffeine addict, I know it and I’m not alone. About 90% of Americans consume caffeine every day (Stoppler). Coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, and apples contain a common ingredient that modern day society thrives on: caffeine. Caffeine has become a huge part of pop culture: mostly marketed to children and college students as an easy way to stay up and push through the day (Temple); But should it be? We outlaw many drugs, and put age restrictions on others, yet caffeine is in mass production for public consumption. Companies like Pepsi, Coca cola, Monster, and more make their money through the addictive properties of caffeine. These…

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