Caffeinated Energy Drinks And The Beverages Industry Over The World

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In today’s society, the caffeinated energy drinks sectors have revealed strong growth in the beverages industries over the world (Bunting et al., 2013 and Smith, 2013). Klaassen et al. (2012) noted that a caffeine is one of psychoactive substances in energy drinks and easy to purchase. Smith (2013) mentioned that even the caffeinate drinks have both benefits and drawback effects of caffeine however; most energy drinks contain excess sugar daily allowances recommendation that might be obesogenic as well as health problems (Gunja (2012)). O’Brien et al. (2008), Heckman et al. (2010) and Gunja (2012) researches found that adolescents and young adults were the primary groups targeted by the beverage company marketing and regular consuming such drinks that similarly to Seifert et al. (2011) reviewed that 30-50% of all consumptions energy drinks in the United States were young adults and adolescents. Therefore, the government should more concern and warn their citizens about the heath risks of caffeinated energy drinks such as red bull because these drinks remain critically important for understanding and perceptions (Temple, 2009). The health risks relevant to the caffeinated drinks topic is wide argument among groups of purchasers who worry about their personal health that the governments should more concern and be doing more to warn its citizens of the dangers of such drinks or not. Thus, this essay will present the health effects of caffeinated drinks and strongly agree that…

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