Caff 321 Chapter 1-4 Review Questions Essay

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Chapter 1
1. Why does Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness, say that experiences might bring more satisfaction than durable goods? Do you agree or disagree?
Although happiness is not easily defined and it really depends on who you ask and what their degree of happiness is in their life, Gilbert the author of Stumbling on Happiness, explains that experiences might bring more satisfaction than that of durable goods. With this he is simply stating the fact that happiness is dependent the things you do in life and not the objects. It is the time that you share with friends and family what makes life meaningful and that creates happiness. All the objects in the
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3. Which fields of study have affected the study of management? Select one and explain its relevance to the field of resource management.
Psychology is relevant to the field of resource management because management involves a lot of communication and the two fields of psychology that are of a particular importance and are social and cognitive psychology. Social psychology is the study of individual behavior within a group. It looks at the different attitudes, problem solving skills, social influences, leaders and followers, and communication. Cognitive psychology also explains the nature of human intelligence and how people think such as their different values, attitudes, and decision making connecting to psychology as well as to management.
4. How does technology influence management style? Give an example of a technological change in the 20th or 21st century and explain how individual or family lifestyles were impacted.
Technology influences management style in many different ways. From what I think of things, I can imagine that management style is much more effective and better now compared to it was many years ago with the help of technology. Thanks to technology you're able to be more organized, you can keep track of your money, each and every transaction, look for deals and ways to save your money with the use of technology and it helps to communicate more efficiently with others. I can imagine now how much more difficult it

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