Ideal Brand Image Of Cafes At Macquarie University

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Business/ Marketing problem
The problem identified is that recently there is a decrease in university students going to cafes at Macquarie University as there is a growing trend in university students going to trendy cafes that have recently opened at Macquarie Centre.
Previous qualitative research suggested that students want cafes on campus to be innovative, implement social media for a way to inform students about the latest deals, improve the quality and overall ambience of cafes and lastly consider factors of pricing to fit the idea of value for money. We identified that Macquarie University cafes need to keep up with growing trends over at Macquarie Centre to fill the missing gap in the market on campus. It became clear that trendy cafes were more popular over traditional cafes within students due to social media influences.
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Personal involvement The emotions in which customers may feel an interest, be enthusiastic or excited about a certain idea. Zaichkowsky (1994) Personal Involvement Theory (PII):
Important, boring, irrelevant, unexciting, appealing, mundane, worthless, not needed, involving, means a lot.
Customer satisfaction An individual’s sensation of pleasure or dissatisfaction as a result of associating a products supposed performance or consequence in contrast to their expectations (Kotler and Keller, 2006, p.144). The analysis between the satisfaction of students overall experiences with cafes on campus in comparison to customer satisfaction with cafes over at Macquarie Centre.
Population of Interest
Students at Macquarie University (North Ryde) during trading hours (9:30 am-6pm).

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