Julius Caesar's Military Tactics

Ancient Rome achieved a very powerful and successful army when Julius Caesar led it. Caesar was a conqueror his heart wanted nothing more than to win. The crown was offered to him in front of a large crowd but Caesar refused it three times (Foreman 41). Caesar’s joy for politics came from his father-in-law, Cinna (Abbott 64). Caesar was a great leader due to his tactics during war, because of his honor and loyalty that he has given his army and family, and his demonstration of his strategies before war.

Bevington’s edited version of the book Julius Caesar had information about Caesar’s life. Bevington is a scholar who wrote plays and edited old literature. He studied and graduated from Harvard University with a M.A. and Ph.D. “he was elected
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Caesar wanted Britain for its gold, lead, pearls and other jewelry (Historynet.com). Caesar trained his men very well; he taught his men special skills in war, he also taught them formation, how to attack in a group (Historynet.com). His army was large and skillful, one of their strategies was that Caesar experienced at war and had a skillful mind (Abbott 58), meaning that he knows the right armor for his solders therefore he has a well equipped army …show more content…
He was brave man; he would rather die than be bribed to leave his family, and even though his wife did not give birth to a boy he didn’t sleep with another women he improvised by adopting his nephew’s son. Caesar’s mapping skills were excellent because they were easily understood by his men in which making most of campaigns successful. He was a reasonable man; he signed treaties and he knew when it was time to attack and when it was time to retreat. Caesar’s nine year reign, of being roman general, demonstrated what it really takes to win. The ambition in his heart to conquer is a real good motivation of success. Caesar’s charisma and ambition to success has motivated his men and provided them with more strength and encouragement. Caesar always had a vision that “The government must be for the benefit of the people who are being governed” earned him the recognition of being the greatest leader of his time and maybe of all

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