Cadbury India Social Respponsibility Essay

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Ethical business practices
This goal clearly states Cadbury Schweppes' responsibilities and recognises that what it does as a business impacts on communities and the lives of consumers. Cadbury Schweppes takes its corporate social responsibility agenda seriously. As such it is a member of organisations like Business in the Community, International Business Leaders Forum and the Institute of Business Ethics. These organisations seek to improve the impact companies have on society. A key part of the Cadbury Schweppes approach to business lies in its ethical behaviour and close relationship with its stakeholder groups. As a company it believes that: “Respecting human rights and trading ethically is fundamental to the way we work, not just
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The original Cadbury company was heavily influenced by the Quaker values of the Cadbury family who started the chocolate business over 150 years ago. The Quakers promote justice, equality and social reform. The legacy of these ideals informs Cadbury Schweppes’ culture today and unites its many businesses around the world who uphold this heritage and act in an ethical manner. From the outset, Cadbury treated employees with respect and cared for their welfare. The company’s site at Bournville, near Birmingham, has always been more than just a factory having extensive amenities such as housing, sports facilities and parks all being part of the original complex.

Cadbury Schweppes Corporate and Social Responsibility Report 2002

Ethics at work

The supply chain and distribution process
This describes the way in which raw materials are sourced and transformed into final products and delivered to customers. Cadbury Schweppes has direct control over what happens in the transformation stage of its own process and can also influence the behaviour of suppliers and distributors. For example, it performs due diligence on potential suppliers by requesting them to complete a questionnaire prior to engagement. This enables Cadbury Schweppes to monitor a supplier and check they

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