Essay on Cadaveric Dissection

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Experience on cadaveric dissection.

Cadaveric dissection is a must experience for all medical student - either it brings a wonderful experience or a nightmare. My first impression about cadaveric dissection collapsed once I have experience the session myself. I though it must be in a creepy atmosphere, with a fleshy and bloody cadaver, bad smell and scary dissecting room. However, after my first session, I appreciated that it is not that bad and honestly I am starting to like it. I can still remember clearly the moment I walked into the dissecting room for the first time in my life- the atmosphere was kind of weird. I felt a mixture of feelings- scared, nervous, and confused but at the same time I felt extremely excited. After
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When I’m having the” Inter-professional Learning Workshop” with nursing and social work students a few weeks later, I then discovered the significance of team work and how it can help me in the future when working in a big, inter-professional field.

The dissecting session helped me to understand myself better, I found that I’m a kinaesthetic learner; I should involve actively in the learning process by touching, feeling and carrying out all the procedure myself in order to make me understand a particular lesson better. During the anatomy lecture, I thought I understood what the lecturer was trying to talk about- origin, insertion, ya I just took them for granted. But during the session, when my instructor asked me about the point of origin and insertion of pectoralis major and pectoralis minor, I was having difficulties recalling what I have learned in lectures and relating it to the cadaver. Then I recognized that I should have prepared myself first before going to any session and should never have assumed that I understood something without ever reflecting on it. However, the experience of being able to see, touch and palpate the muscles, have definitely helped me understand more about the point of insertion and origin and thus being able to relate the structure with its function. I found that after the session, when I was doing revision, I could easily remember the

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