Cac Card Essay

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Importance of a Common Access Card
By: LCpl Crisp, Darius D.
I am writing this essay about the importance of a Common Access Card. Which is also known as a “CAC” card. The Common Access Card (CAC) is a United States Deparrtment of Defense (DoD) Smart Card. The card is issued to Active-duty Military Personnel, Reserve Personnel, Civilian Personnel, state employees of the National Guard, contractor personnel, and other non-DoD government employees. The CAC is the size of a standard credit card and stores 64 or 128 kB of data storage and memory on a single integrated circuit. The CAC is used as a general identification card as well as for authentication to enable access to DoD computers, networks, and certain DoD facilities. It also
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DoD’s personnel identity protection addresses threats to the privacy of its members, employees, and beneficiaries, establishes a secure and authoritative process for the issuance and use of identity credentials in DoD, and ensures that DoD benefits and access to DoD physical and logical assets are granted based on authenticated and secure identity information. DoD personnel identity protection systems include, but are not limited to the CAC, The Defense Biometrics Identification System (DBIDS), the Defense National Visitors Center (DNVC), and the Defense Cross-Credentialing Identification System (DCCIS). The DBIDS is a readily deployable system for capturing, storing, and comparing biometric data to use for authentication. The system also provides a means of registering all personnel requiring access, incorporating complex rules of sponsorship and access, linking access to sponsor, and limiting access by location, building, and force protection level. In addition, DBIDS allows installation security personnel to control access and authenticate identity for population elements not already provided for by DNVC and DCCIS, including maintenance personnel, janitorial staff, and contractor personnel from non-DoD organizations. DNVC is a system that enables participating DoD facilities to perform physical authentication procedures on DoD personnel presenting the CAC for entrance into DoD facilities. The DNVC

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