Cable Stayed Bridge Essay

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By Brigid Garrett , Wyatt Mullings, Jesus Sanchez, and Lydia Blaisdell
Cable Sensation Russky Bridge, Vladivostok, Russia.
What are Cable/Stayed Bridges?
A cable/stayed bridge is a bridge that has two towers with cables supporting the bridge itself, as shown above. The towers are called pylon, the crossing area itself is called the roadway. The cables are obviously called cables. The supports underneath on the sides are called abutments, The foundations are located under the ground on the bottom of the pylons. Cable bridges are unique because no other bridge has its support spread out by cables. They are also unique because they are often mistaken for suspension bridges and other bridges involving cables. The way you can recognize them
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It has a total length of 21, 877 feet
The biggest cable-stayed bridge in the world is the Russky bridge in Vladivostok, Russia. It has a span of 1,104 meters or 3622.047 feet.
The cable stayed bridge goes back to 1595, where the original bridge was designed by the Venetian inventor Fausto Veranzio who wrote the book Machinae Novae where the original idea was first found. One of the bridges in that book is the Dryburgh Abbey Bridge. The earliest cable Bridge actually built is the Dryburgh Abbey bridge that was built 1817.

The Dryburgh Abbey Bridge.
In the 1500s the Cable Bridge was one of the most popular way to design a bridge it had the same basic structure but often had rope, wire cables, and brick towers. The building of Bridges actually started in the 1800’s, with the Dryburgh Abbey Bridge whose characteristics are brick, wood, stone and rope. The Albert Bridge came after and was built in 1872, it has stone and wire cables.

The Albert Bridge(1872).
The Barton Creek Bridge is a cable stayed bridge that was relatively unimportant to traffic, so it has not been rebuilt since 1890 and is still in its original design. The Barton Creek Bridge was built by Runyon Bridge

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