Essay about CS 1 Earth Buddy

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Kyle Shannon
Operations Management
Case Study #1
Earth Buddy
1. Earth buddy is the new toy to have this summer. What it is, is this bald human head that, when submerged in water for a few days, sprouted grass and you could groom it and cut it how you please. It had originally been sold in Toronto area flower shops but then took off nation wide as stores such as K-Mart, Toys R Us, and Wal-Mart and is now expanding into the United States. The toy is produced with a “hybrid batch flow process”. 6 Machines make the heads then operators place the heads in boxes of 25 heads each. Then operators shape the eyeglasses through a simple jig. Those two operations are occurring simultaneously. Next, moulding operators remove the heads from
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240 units per hour
225 units per hour
225 units per hour
Eye glass fabrication
225 units per hour
225 units per hour
225 units per hour

6. The WIP will build up during the moulding phase at a rate of 15 units per hour. There will also be a buildup of 225 units per hour in the painting stage

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