An Analysis Of Bargaining Power Of Patients

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situations where conventional doctor and patient interaction such as a physical examination, cannot be undertake by technology. Face to face consultation is much preferred. Therefore threat of substitute for CGH is low as telehealth cannot replace traditional medical practices; only can serves as a support to the healthcare industry.
3.3 Bargaining power of customers: Low
The bargaining power of patients for CGH is low as healthcare industry is almost not affected by buyer power as the healthcare industry is constantly providing healthcare services to people, regardless of how good or bad economy is. It is not the buyers’ decision to decide whether to consume or not consume health care as an individual does not have the chance to determine
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The GPO is involved in bulk purchases of pharmaceutical and medical supplies to support Singhealth cluster across Singapore. By increasing the volume of purchases, the GPO has higher negotiation power against various suppliers to lower the prices and obtain better volume discounts for medical supplies. Information about suppliers and past purchasing experiences can be shared among public hospitals in group procurement projects. This reduces redundancy in CGH’s chain supply and also cut down purchasing cost. Hence the bargaining power of suppliers is low as GPO has higher control and decision over the choice of the healthcare suppliers as a …show more content…
CGH should work on its service through improving communications between medical staffs and patients, interdepartmental coordination and improvising proper workflows and process to ensure proper allocation of tasks to the right staffs that can perform them more efficiently. This will reduce long. CGH can also expand its’ services to include gynaecology and paediatrics disciplines, which are currently not available within the hospital. This can contribute to improving overall patients’ satisfaction and operational efficiency within

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