CEO Martin Shkreli: Final Analysis

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To begin with, when there is any controversial issue, it is important to take perspectives from the scholars of the past, and to learn about what they have to offer. For obvious reasons, it isn 't possible to get their opinions on the specific issues. But it is possible to use their doctrines that they wrote about and apply them to the real world scenarios in question. The conflict that recently caught the media’s attention is about CEO Martin Shkreli. To be more specific the questions: “is what he is doing fair? Should he do it? And how does it reflect his character?” Are all easily more definable because of the input given from previous philosophers; and how they can be applied to other real world issues of the past, which was all represented …show more content…
In my interpretation, this means that everyone is born uniquely, and not everyone is the same. Which is a good thing, everyone has to be different, that is what makes the world go around. Some people will be born genetically superior to others, that 's human nature. There is nothing unfair about the genetic differences between people. It may be unfortunate that someone is born with a genetic deformity, but nonetheless it is still fair because no one is responsible for it, it is just the way they were born. It starts to become unfair when a third party takes advantage of those who are genetically inferior for their own gain. For example, it is fair that Lebron James was born genetically inclined to excel at Basketball. Just because the talent he was born with is unique doesn 't make it wrong. I believe that diversity should be celebrated. However, I do not subscribe to the idea that people should unprecedentedly benefit from someone who was born inferior. It is unfair that people who are infected with Toxoplasmosis are becoming taken advantage of by Turing Pharmaceuticals. The people who require Daraprim can’t help that they’ve been infected with this disease. But Turing Pharmaceuticals can, they can readjust their price so they aren 't “digging the patients grave” with debt, or literally if they can 't afford the treatment.

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