C209 Essay

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Task 2: Theories of Leadership

Assessment Code: C200
Student Name: Robert Merrifield
Student ID:
Date: 4/15/2016
Student Mentor Name: Carol Kamen-Kannel

Table of Contents

Reflection on Seven Habits Profile 3
Personal Leadership Strengths 4
Personal Leadership Weaknesses 5
Recommendation for Personal Leadership 6 S.M.A.R.T Goals 6
Specific Actions 7 References 8

Reflection on Seven Habits Profile – A

After completing the Seven Habits profile, I reviewed my results from the completed profile form. The profile was pretty true to form in how I look at life whether it be, business, or life goals and my end vision for how I would like things to turn out.
I scored rather highly in all
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Structure I would say is the best strength for me as my leadership thrives in a structured environment. Thru the lens of transactional leadership theory structure provides the best foundation for success. According to Helen Ackers of Demand Media states this, “Transactional leadership gives employees structure and routine. Managers who rely on this style implement contingent reward systems. Employees receive clear communication about who's in charge and what they need to do”. Ackers Helen (Demand Media). My leadership style thrives with structure as it provides a basis to my thought that people will strive for better if clear expectations are given. This can only be accomplished with a structured environment.
A second strength using transactional leadership theory would be that this theory tends to “gets results fast”. You can have an overall vision, but within that vision you typically have short term goals that work well with this leadership theory. I always start my vision with a long term goal and set short term targets to gauge my progress on the larger goal. According to Eryn Travis from small business.com, he writes, “The transactional approach works well when short-term results are needed fast. For example, providing a bonus for sales associates to meet a surge in holiday demand or

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