C-Store Shopping Case Study

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1. What can any retailer learn from this case?

We can learn about the full compatibility between the types of machine, location of the store and the retail channel by reading the case. Rising reputation of automated retail kiosks has become very important aspect in retailing nowadays. Research has showed that these kiosks offer a cost-effective, steadfast, and user-friendly capability to both the buyers and the storeowners. The case suggests methods to combine automated kiosks into retail contribution in an effective way. Kiosks can deliver facts for the shop owners and also can give a sight of successful opportunity. Technology can expand productivity for the retail stores and can lower cost. Expediency is the prime key handler for giving a proper customer satisfaction and with the use of automated retail kiosks, retailers can satisfy customer much easily.

2. Comment on the findings in table 1.
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It also suggests that Supermarkets uses most kinds of kiosks, where for C-Stores it has the lesser use, because they use the coin-counting machines mostly. The numbers in the table shows that 8% of C-Stores offers coin-counting machines, where the ratio is high between them and 72% of supermarkets offer soda machine, where they only have a 39% of discovery worth between them.

3. Explain how automated retail machines can be best used in human resource management?

Automated retail machines are a very effective way for the retailers in order to saving costs. For these automated machineries the retailers doesn’t have to hire more people, which actually reduces a lot of cost. By using these automatic computerized machines, retailers can also avoid any kinds of mistakes and errors.

4. Discuss how automated retail machines can be best used in operations management. Relate your answer to Table

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