Byzantine Empire And The Roman Empire Essay

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Byzantine Empire
The Byzantine empire has much history to it and is a very fascinating topic to learn about. The Byzantine Empire was the successor state to the Roman Empire which was also known by the name Eastern Empire and East Roman Empire. It was named after Byzantium because Emperor Constantine I rebuilt it in A.D. 330 to be called Constantinople and he also made it the capital of the entire Roman Empire. Throughout the time of this Empire it was subject to important changes in its boundaries. The core of the Empire consisted of the Balkan Peninsula which consists of Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Greece, the Greek isles and Illyria and of Asia Minor which today is known as Turkey. The Empire combined Roman political tradition, Hellenic culture, and also Christian beliefs. The main language that was spoken by the people was Greek, but Latin long continued in official use.

The Byzantine Empire position of the church was at once a good source of strength and also a source of weakness to the state. The center of Byzantine culture was the Christian church. They held beliefs similar to Roman Catholics: they believed that Jesus was the son of God, and they also believed in the trinity. It was a bond of unity and the emperor was unquestionably the head of the church. The patriarch was a minister and a servant of the emperor. In the Byzantine Church the people were interested in theological questions to a much greater degree than in the west of Europe. Sometimes they were…

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