Byzantine Empire And The Roman Empire Essay

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While the western half of the Roman Empire began its descent in the 5th century, the eastern half maintained its stability and thrived. Centered on the capital Constantinople, the eastern Roman Empire soon came to be known as the Byzantium, which essentially compromised the Roman Empire for more than one thousand years until its demise in the mid-1400s. Byzantine leaders that sought to carry on the influence of the Roman Empire incorporated Roman culture and tradition into the budding empire of Byzantium, which aided the establishment of a new “Rome”.
One of the most influential Byzantine emperors, to influence the Byzantium Empire and surrounding regions, was Justinian I. Justinian was a famous Byzantine emperor who ruled from the AD 527 to AD 565. Born and raised a Macedonian peasant, who eventually was able to successfully attain the status of emperor by mastering the intricacies of Byzantine finance, Justinian’s goal was to restore the glory of Rome in the Byzantine Empire. Intelligent and strong-willed, Justinian, along with his ambitious wife Theodora, began to fulfill this dream by reconstructing Constantinople. His ideas for the new empire included reformation of the law, the expansion of the empire, and supporting religious unity.
Justinian is best known for his instituting of the Corpus Juris Civilis, which became the basic motive of cannon law and the Christian church. Justinian found the “authority of the law” worthy of his attention. Therefore, by reforming…

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