Byproducts Of Rising Global Temperature Essay

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Byproducts of Rising Global Temperature The terms global warming and climate change are often thought of as interchangeable, while they are to some extent, particularly within the context of politics, in science the terms are taken more literally. As discussed earlier, the scientific community is in agreement with regards to the fact that global temperatures are increasing. So calling the phenomenon global warming is not technically incorrect, however, global warming does not encompass the additional externalities associated with a continually warming earth. The global climate is an extremely interconnected and complex system; a change in one variable has the capacity to influence other variables in ways that one might not expect. For example, an average increase in global temperature might in-turn raise sea-surface temperatures, not to mention that as air temperature rises, its moisture holding capacity increases exponentially, this is known as the Clausius-Clapeyron relationship. With the increase in sea temperatures and an increase in the air 's saturated vapor pressure, it is reasonable to then deduce an increase in the amount of precipitation across certain regions of the globe. Climate model simulations show increased extreme precipitation in the tropics accompanied by increased drying at lower percentiles, however, at mid to high latitudes there is increased precipitation over all percentiles. The greatest agreement with the Clausius-Clapeyron prediction occur at…

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