Buying a House Is a Better Option Than Renting an Apartment Essay

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Buying a House is better option than Renting
Amanda Newsome
University Composition and Communications II
November 5, 2010
Louisa Fordyce
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Buying a house is a better long-term investment into the future than renting an apartment. Being mortgage free eventually and having no obligations to pay. “Anyone trapped in a long lease would be wise to consider purchasing property (Cabinet Maker, 1998)”. When buying a home it comes with the property it surrounds. After time having a home the property value increases over time. Also improving a home and fixing things around the house will too make the property value increase. “Even with a home, a person does not have to pay the capital gains tax when the
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They might charge more for staying there the second term of the lease. In renting an apartment there is no investment and also no value of property. There are also not tax deductions when renting an apartment as well. While if going with a house there can have a tax deduction just for first time home buyers. Then after that as well they have tax deductions for improving the household. Also with buying a home there is such a thing as having value for the property. When buying a house it is up to the owner what they want to remodel and what the owner may desire. “Why- because you’re the landlord, that’s why (Bouchard Carla, 2007)”. Renting is another thing to look at when wanting to remodel or do things the way the renter may want them. Usually when renting the landlord does not want anything different than the way they have it already set up for the renter to move in. Renters do not usually have an option to doing what they want to the apartment, and if the renter would want to remodel they would first have to get an approval which tends to never happen. The second problem would be the renter would have to make sure everything is the way it was before leaving the rented property, and if the renter does not ensure this they are usually out of their deposit. With all things considered buying a house is a better investment into the future than renting an apartment

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