Buying Experiences, Not Things By James Hamblin Essay

757 Words Oct 12th, 2015 4 Pages
In his article “Buy Experiences, Not Things”, James Hamblin explains to his audience the successful ways to be happy in today’s world. He picks apart the clichés that people believe create happiness, then explaining the correct ways in which they should be going about doing so. Through the use of logos, the tone and ethos, Hamblin was successful in reaching his audiences and getting his point across.
Throughout the article, Hamblin quotes information from studies conducted by a number of different psychologists, doctoral candidates and professors. Already in the first paragraph, stats are listed and a scientific case is mentioned to prove that the information is reliable, not just made up by the writer’s opinion. He opens with, “Forty-seven percent of the time, the average mind is wandering. It wanders about a third of the time while a person is reading, talking with other people, or taking care of children. It wanders 10 percent of the time, even, during sex.” As the article continues, Hamblin uses quotes and results from studies to justify his approach to successful happiness. For example, Hamblin wrote, “Gilovich’s prior work has shown that experiences tend to make people happier because they are less likely to measure the value of their experiences by comparing them to those of others.” He puts this quote into the article to show the vindication of his approach. Quotes are strategically placed throughout the article in conductive and helpful places. From start to finish,…

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