Essay on Buying Behavior of Perfume

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In this research we have survey the product performance and buying behavior of the fragrance of perfumes, which are used by people of all ages. During this research we have interacted with people of all ages who use perfume. After this research we came to know how people perceives these products on the variables like price, fragrance, advertisement, satisfaction, packaging, brand loyalty etc. We also came to know which particular brand of perfume is most preferred by people of different age groups. In this research we have surveyed that how frequently and how much perfume they use, whether they buy small, big or family pack. Trend of ongoing changes in their
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It suggests relative strengths and weakness of the company. On the basis of such information, marketing executives find it easy to frame policies for the future period. MR provides information, guidance and alternative solutions to current marketing problems.

Suggests appropriate distribution channels

Marketing Research can be used to study the effectiveness of existing channels of distribution and the need of making suitable changes in the distribution system.

Provides information on product acceptance

Marketing research helps in knowing the probability of acceptance of the product in its present form. It is also useful for the introduction of modifications in the existing product line of a firm.

Creates progressive outlook:

Marketing Research generates progressive and dynamic outlook throughout the business organisation. It promotes systematic thinking and a sense of professionalization within the company. It also creates enthusiasm among marketing executives. This brings success and stability to the whole business unit.

Objective of the study

This project is based on user behavior towards Perfumes. Objectives of the study are:

1The other objective is to know about the customer satisfaction associated with the product and the customer preference level.

2To increase customer satisfaction and recapture the market share by

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