`` Buy War Saving Bond And Stamp `` By Dr. Seuss Essay

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In World War 2, American weren’t involve until the incident at Pearl Harbor. After the event at Pearl Harbor causing the death of many military men and women, America started to involve themselves into WW2. With the reason of taking revenge against the Japan, stop Germany to control the world, and spread democracy, many American journal started to create propaganda to attract many America citizen to join the war, and the pictures that I picked for this paper is the pictures that drew by Dr Seuss. It’s a pictures portray the Chancellor of Germany at that times, Adolf Hitler.
In this propaganda picture, the artist draw the leader of Germany in World War 2, Adolph Hitler, above him, the artist wrote :”Insure your home against Hitler!”, and below the picture, the artist wrote:” Buy war saving bond and stamp”. The artist do this because he want to let every American know the tyrant that cause WW2, and the most dangerous person on earth at that times, and by using the color black, it’s a clear represent of evil, fear, power and death, which is the value of Hitler and the Germany was transmitting all over the world. The artist also wanted to let everyone know that, to stop Hitler and the Nazi from world domination, the military need a lot of money, and the way to build those money up is depend on the American citizen. The citizen need to buy war savings bonds and stamps to build an abundant amount of find, so those fund go to war effort with the goal of fueling the power of allies,…

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