Butterfly Characteristics

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Insect is an animal category that has a hard body on the outside knows as exoskeleton which are animals with three pairs of leg. They are recognized the insect which have evolved from worm-like ancestors. Through research by today’s researcher, he found that, “these insect ancestor were wingless and developed without metamorphis, for an example as silverfish that were present today” (Barnes, 1987). Insects have a lot of interest as their habits are the most diverse among other kingdoms, their complex life cycles, unique behaviour and adaptability, and their importance to the human kind. These insect’s body are divided into three parts which are head, thorax and abdomen (Susan, 2012). Butterfly is a beautiful insects. Butterflies have its own unique charateristic which have thread-like antennae that is thick or knob at the end. Regina (2008) stated that, insect is hemimetabolous, which undergo a complete metamorphis that is from egg, then larvae, to pupae, rupture of the pupal stage, and finally to an adult (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). …show more content…
The adult or also known as imago, is colourful butterfly. This stage is the reproductive and mobile stage for the butterfly undergo courtship, mating and lays egg. Butterfly School (2013) stated that, after the butterfly emerges, their wings are small and in wet condition but they are not able to fly for a few hours. Butterfly have two pairs of wings, which are forwings and hindwings (Opler, 1992). This condition is essential for each butterfly to take their time for flight as to spend time folding their wings by hanging freely in a vertically downward position. The wings are left to fully expand by drying and harden. After a period of time, the butterfly is ready to fly freely after their wing fully extand in a matter of hours. In this stage, the adult butterfly is recognize to migrate and colonizes themselves in a new

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