But Yet Her Happy Train Of Language Analysis

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“But yet her happy train of thought returned.”
-The author gives her train of thought an emotion that symbolizes that she is thinking good thoughts. This personification may lead to an idea that will reunite the mother and daughter.
“...it ceased to be human speech; it was a howl.”
-The quote could be imagery due to the fact that everyone can imagine the intensity of a wolf’s howl, but it could also be characterization because it shows Javert’s anger and loudness of his voice.
“She was pale, her eyes were red, and the candle which she trembled in her hand.”
-The quote is describing how Sister Simplice looks while in distress. It also shows the readers she is emotional and clearly
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Hugo uses the metaphor so the readers understand the skill and precision of the man.
“Like the birds of prey, he had chosen this lonely place to make his nest.”
-The quote is saying Jean Valjean seeks protection like birds of prey;however, it is also giving his qualities of a bird by saying he is nesting. Nesting means a place to stay in his case.
“Jean Valjean had never loved anything.”
-This quote is telling the readers an important characteristic of Jean Valjean and how this is how he changes. It shows that he used to not be able to show affection but Cosette is changing him.
“She called him Father, and knew him by no other name.”
-Despite Jean Valjean is known for his crimes, Cosette knows him as a sweet, fatherly figure that he actually is. This shows how trusting Cosette is and also how kind Jean is towards her.
“...he saw no reason, now, why he should not live to grow very old, since his child loved him.”
Important Info
-This quote has a very large importance to the development of Jean Valjean. He was once a man that couldn’t love and now he is calling someone else’s child his. He is protective and this newfound love may pose as important for later in the

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