Busn 115 Week 5 Lemonade Stand, Part Ii Essay

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BUSN115 Week 5: Lemonade Stand, Part II
Informal Business Report
In part II of this assignment, we continue to outline various business aspects of our lemonade stand. As you continue to learn new concepts in this course, you have seen how a lemonade stand can help us understand and apply these concepts. In Part II of your lemonade stand we will incorporate concepts from previous weeks and apply these to your newly created company.
In week 3, you created a lemonade stand that you opened in your local neighborhood;
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As such, you have seen sales drop. What are some ways you can motivate your employees to improve sales? (Chapter 10)
Once you have considered the points above, please provide responses and explanations using the template provided in Doc Sharing (titled “Lemonade Stand Informal Business Report”). Utilize your textbook and apply the lessons we have learned in previous weeks to develop and support your plans. By offering support and developing your response, you must provide examples, elaboration, or justification, often in the form of information gathered from your textbook. When integrating support from your textbook, be sure to use APA style to provide in-text citations within the paragraph and a full end reference on a separate Reference Page after the Business Plan. Examples of APA formatting are included in the template.
You are to write roughly 500 – 750 words in answering all points posted above for your Lemonade Stand.
This informal business report will be evaluated on how well you apply the concepts that are detailed in the textbook to a practical idea. In order to receive the highest grade, it is required that you review the textbook and cite specific areas of the text in your responses (taking care in citing these properly in APA style). Additionally, while this is not an English class and while the content of your ideas is most important, grammar and sentence structure

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