Busing And Procrastination At IUPUI

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At the time of my attendance at IUPUI my overall poor study habits, getting to class in a timely manner, and procrastination were primary factors that resulted in my failure at IUPUI. When transferring from Ivy Tech in Lawrence to IUPUI I was not used to using the busing system at all so I could not get to class in the time that I needed to. It wasn’t until later in the semester that I actually was able to have slight timing in my schedule and the busing system. However prior to that juncture, because I lived about an hour away by bus, I had trouble in the morning lining up my morning routine with the busing system. This ended up resulting in me being about fifteen to thirty minutes late for some of my classes.
Lining up my time between leaving the house and making it to the bus with the busing systems strict and somewhat limited run time schedule was quite difficult. Primarily because I had to use other means of transportation other than a car to get to the actual bus stop during that period of time. Some days I was not able to make it to class at all because of the combination of poor timing
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This, however, happened over a period of time during my attendance at Ivy Tech and not immediately given that my GPA dropped at Ivy Tech but I was able to bring it back up to 2.1 during that time. When it came to time management I started to get up in a timely manner by planning out how long it took me to get ready every morning as well as the time it took to get to class. Considering that most of my classes were morning classes that started at about 10 a.m. and were downtown as well as at the Lawrence campus, I made sure if I needed to be in class by 10 a.m. I would get up at 8 a.m. be ready no later than 9 a.m. and leave the house by 9:30

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