Essay on Businesss Study Agriculture

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The media is an extremely powerful tool. When most of us think about the media, it is usually in a negative way. The media can affect the society in which we live in many ways both positively and negatively. The media present in every aspect of our everyday life. We depend on it to inform us on the state of our local and world status. The media resource should not be overlooked by any business, large or small. It is vital that businesses today learn how to use this resource to improve our economic value. California’s agriculture has taken a financial beating over the past five years. The 3 years experience acquired as a production manager at a local alfalfa company has brought to light the impact Central Valley agriculture …show more content…
The big thing today is the solar panel systems that we should not go another day without, because we do not want to pay a high electric bill. A recent study performed by California State University in Sacramento California accredits the media for positively affecting the organic food market (agricultural economics, 2012), with a concentration in the organic milk sector. The study gathered information from many different sources that related to national and local media (including television and newspapers), as it relates to fluid milk purchases. They then analyzed weekly store level scanner data. The data gathered resulted in a 5 percent increase in organic milk sales relative to conventional milk (agricultural economics, 2012). The study then discovered that an increase intensity of the news coverage increased the difference in sales. The study concluded to say that “critical coverage of organic milk does not result in significant effects of organic milk sales” (agricultural economics, para 3, 2012). This study has provided proof that the milk market made the right decision to expand out to the organic market. The facts laid out in this study have not only reflected on the increase consumer consumption of organic milk. These studies are proof that the farmers are able to show to financial institutions to obtain the loans required to rebound from the 283 dairy closures that

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