Business Essay

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Course Project Table of Contents (10-15 pages)

Cover Page

Table of Contents

1. Abstract

2. Brief Company background

3. Discussion of business problem(s)

4. High level solution

5. Benefits of solving the problem
6. Business/technical approach
7. Business process changes
8. Technology or business practices used to augment the solution
9. Conclusions and overall recommendations
10. High-level implementation plan

11. Summary of project



Course Project Technical Areas

The Course Project’s focus is on the use of technology to solve specific business problems. While the list of technologies that you can choose for your Course
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End User Software/Applications (Examples: Database, Operating System, Office Suite, Project Management) Course Project Suggestions

The purpose of the Course Project is to describe the solution to a business problem where technology can be of value.
Some ideas to identify a business problem:
 Lack of competiveness and/or profitability
 Inefficient processes
 Slow product development
 Obsolete IT organization and technologies
 Poor corporate communications

 Ongoing personnel issues
Some benefits it will provide the organization could be things like:
 Financial – profitability, revenue, product costs
 Improved competitiveness
 Better marketing positioning
 Efficiency in key processes, e.g., sales, manufacturing, development
 Improved product and/or service quality
 Improved product development
 Better and more accurate support turn-around

 Preparation for the future – how is the organization positioning itself for future growth
Some ideas on how the project could tie together:
 As an example, you could write your paper on some aspect of ecommerce. You might tie it in to targeted advertising. You could then tie the back-end databases that are necessary to support ecommerce. For example, how

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