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Business Analysis & Valuation Project
The objective of this project is to apply financial statement analysis techniques in a typical (equity) investment decision-making context. You should assume that you are required to make an investment recommendation to a fund manager. The fund manger wishes to add a stock to a diversified portfolio. The investment manager has a strategy of maximizing investor returns over the long term. Consistent with the course objectives, the project is an essential part of the course and aimed at developing your understanding of, and practical skills in financial statement analysis and valuation. It is also designed to enhance teamwork, and analytical and communication skills. To maximize the benefits of the
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Industry and Company Analysis (due in Week 7) At the end of Week 7, your group needs to submit a written report on industry and company analysis. This report aims to put your project on track and help you identify problems ahead.

ACCT5910 Business Analysis and Valuation, 1/2009

The report carries no mark, but failure to submit it on time will result in a penalty on group project. In unlikely cases where you find it difficult to work in your group, you may be given a chance to form new groups for the rest of the project. The report must not exceed 1,000 words or 5 pages and should be typewritten with 1.5 line spacing and 12 font size. A word count must be shown on the cover page of the report. Each report should have standardized company financial statements as Appendix. To avoid plagiarism, correct references are necessary and not included in the word limit. In this report, you should try to address the following questions: A. Industry Analysis 1. What are main products in this industry? 2. What is the most likely prospect for the industry in next year, in next five years, and in the long run? And

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