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My Rough Draft on PTSD
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a life threatening mental disorder that is caused by emotional trauma like assault, rape, war which causes flashbacks, tension and stress to victims. PTSD was first defined diagnostically in modern time by American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual in 1980. When a victim experiences a traumatic event, he/she develops feelings of fear or anxiety which makes it difficult for the victim to adjust to his/her normal day to day activities. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that not everybody that is suffering from PTSD was solely caused by an experience of a traumatic incident or event. Some victims develop this disorder because of different psychiatric
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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a comprehensible abnormal mental behavior that makes it victims to have feels of horror, enfeeble and helplessness. Most of the victims of PTSD start facing their symptoms about two to three months after their traumatic incident and this symptom can be group together in three different ways such as: first, obtrusive or invasive memories symptoms that is when the victims start having distress dreams about the incident or flashbacks of the incident. With these symptoms, only the victim can easily identify it and seek for help or talk to someone for assistance. Second, some victims are faced with the symptom of emotional anesthetic and avoidance. This is a situation when the victim or someone notice the victims always avoid participating in activities they used to enjoy doing, when the victim is irresponsive to emotions or experiencing emotional desensitized, the victim avoids talking about the traumatizing incident, when the victim is faced with memory problems, when the victim start to avoid or keep close relationship and when the victim show sign of not having any hope for the future or facing difficulties to concentrate. Third, when the patient is has symptoms of increasing anxiety or emotional provoked or trigger. For example, the patient overwhelmed with shame, anger or guilt, does the victim have troubles sleeping at night? Does the patient seem self -destructive? (that is, is the victim

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