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Barriers to Asset Building of Working
Poor in Hong Kong

Subject: Doing Policy Research
Subject Code: APSS 3220
Lecturer: Dr. Chen Juan
Student Name: Sai Kwan (10704047D)

Table of Content

No. | Title | Page | 1 | Abstract and Introduction | 2 | 2 | Literature Review Situation of Working Poor in Hong Kong Introduction to Asset Building Asset Building Policies in Hong Kong Theory of Determinants of Asset Accumulation Conceptual Framework for Determinants on Asset Building Barriers to Asset Building in the US Context | 3 | 3 | Research Objectives, Questions, and Design | 8 | 4 | Research Findings Situation of Asset Building of Working Poor in Hong
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The last decade has witnessed the government’s address in assisting working poor via several social policies such as the transport support scheme and statutory minimum wage. However, the plight of working poor was not significantly reduced. Also, current anti-poverty policies are found to be lack of focus on the working poor and such policies are deemed rather short-term focused. This study introduces a new policy approach which addresses the poverty problem in the long run, namely asset building approach.

This paper aims to present the research findings from a three-month study on barriers to asset building of working poor in Hong Kong context, and to offer policy recommendations for long-term poverty reduction. This paper consists of eight parts. After this introduction, a literature review on both working poor in Hong Kong and asset building is presented. The third part introduces the objectives and design

2 of this research, followed by a detailed illustration on the findings on asset building of working poor in Hong Kong. After that, this paper compares the research findings with existing literatures and discusses the significance of this study. Finally, after reviewing the limitation of this research, I put forward the implications for asset building of working poor and a conclusion will be drawn.

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