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Business Plan Of

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Department of International Business Management
Mohawk College, Hamilton

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There is a growing awareness and demand for fashionable apparels in India and the brand caters to the needs of both men and women. The major foreign competitors in India presently are Wrangler, Nike INC, Puma, Levis and Polo.

People are highly fashionable and they like to keep up with fashion trends. They have a proven record of trying to imitate what celebrities wear. This brand tries to identify and quickly respond to fashion trends through its designs and continues to translate the latest runway fashion and global trends into its must-have looks.

We are planning to become a main manufacturing and retailers in India; therefore, we are seeing launching our presence in New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. These are three major cities within India that offer us the market opportunity as an initiation to expand in other major cities of India.

We have done a detailed research about India that is our target market. We have conducted swot analysis and PESTE analysis for India. Most of our research is based on secondary sources and in our research that we have collected a lot of information about tax structure, modes of transportation, locations of stores and target customers. We are entering into India, by opening our own retail stores that will help us to

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