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Competition & Marketing

Competition is stiff for the restaurant industry with today’s economy in the down turn its becoming more difficult for businesses to stay afloat and that goes for every company. It doesn’t matter what the what tactics worked in the past that was then and this is the present. To remind competitive in today’s market having a competitive advantage is the likely solution. Traditional marketing for restaurants used to be advertising with door flyers, printing ads in the newspaper or soliciting email to the general public. However, with technological advancements over the last decade have expanded in ways which a restaurant can market its products and services. Recently a popular marketing tool for restaurant owners
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Continuously, informing customers about what knew product that’s being offered or anything that can be marketable about the restaurant should be used. The greatness of mobile marketing within the app it self for my company that does business in German it shows the demographic data about the consumers I have this is help ful because it narrows down to consumers I need to target by area, items bought the most. Getting a better understanding of what the consumer likes or disapprove is very beneficial for a company like mines that uses mobile marketing to market our fresh produces in a country like Germany but we are based in America. The biggest thing is finding a niche in a new market where it is so unique because nothing like this have ever been introduced before therefore it is our competitive edge right now and in order for use to continue to growth as a company one way is to stay ahead in particular keeping up with the technological changes that occurs very month or so something new is coming into the market and with knowledge of this kind I think we can use it to our advantage and stay on top. We have to keep finding innovating ways to enhance and get our product to consumer as soon as possible. Inorder to do that the mobile app allow us to tailor our marketing

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