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First, develop emotional for value-added products and conform to the requirements of the era for consumption and consumers continue to face changing..
Second, the company adhere to the "quality is the most important thing for this company," and the use of advanced production equipment and strict management, the implementation of total quality management, according to the standards of modern manufacturing enterprises established.
Third, the company rich culture attract consumers. The company will "pursue stronger and better, to create a healthy and happy future" as a corporate creed, follow the "integrity and pragmatic, rigorous and efficient, beyond the self, the healthy development " business philosophy, in a variety of
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Long-term research and development team in-depth study of Chinese dietary habits and cultural characteristics, launched the development of a variety of specialty products, from a variety of tastes to the unique Chinese characteristics and flavors to meet Chinese people daily life, pay attention to change, and pick fresh like epistemic special dietary habits, let Hsu Fu Chi continue to provide consumers happy and assured of quality products. Since June 2014 Nestle establishment Confectionery R & D center in Dongguan Hsu Fu Chi companies, Hsu Fu Chi will fully depend on Nestle as 140 years history of the development of global food giant, with its professional sound basic research, product development and quality assurance system , utilization and development center in Dongguan seamlessly expand recreational sugar point in the field of nutrition and health refined, safe, healthy, nutritious, delicious choice for sugar points, for a hundred years the brand vision. Hsu Fu Chi Pluralism.

Leading the trend driven by consumer demand ﹑

"Good quality" refers to the development to "the interests of consumers" quality-oriented products, so that each product can be unified to achieve world-class quality standards, even

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