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Ethnographic interview #2
Soo Gyum Kim
The interview took place at the house of al-Masri, my host family, and the individual interviewed was Mariam al-Masri (12) who currently attends International Pioneers Academy. The interview took place on April 23, 2014, and it lasted for approximately 25 minutes. The topic of my second interview was regarding the program and extracurricular activities available in Jordanian schools from the perspective of a current student who is enrolled in a private school. The mini tour question that was asked was as follows: In the previous interview, you have stated that you had recently gone to a field trip to the University of Jordan to explore the topic of chastity by interviewing women without hijabs.
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The second interview had numerous interruptions throughout. There were a lot of side conversations that went on even within the interview, but when I reminded her about the main point, she quickly got back on track. Overall, I learned a lot about other activities that the school values other than core education. Although International Pioneers Academy is not formally recognized as an Islamic school, most of the teachings seem to be based strictly on the Islamic beliefs. Mariam quoted the Quran many times during the interview when asked to give justifications for the educational things that they did at school. However, I learned a lot about their value system- and although not specifically stated, I was able to have a little glimpse of how the society viewed those without hijabs. \ * For the Domain Analysis, I will mainly focus on the reasoning behind their field trip to University of Jordan to raise hijab awareness. function | Hijab -is used for-covering the head of the women so that they do not show their hair to any men on the streets. | You mentioned that hijab is used for protection of the women in order to honour the value of chastity. What other roles does hijab have? | Means-end | Wearing hijab for the woman-is a way for-Showing chastity | You have mentioned that women must wear hijab in order to be respectful. What is a way that men can show chastity? | Rationale | The cultural value

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