Business Essay

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Sale people are mere human beings like us. All they are doing is make a living so they can survive every single day. Their job is basically talk to warm market and cold market prospects and talk them into opportunities that the sale person presents. The sale person job is basically to get the prospects interested into the products that the company offered. All sale persons aren’t bad. There are some good sale person that do their jobs with a good cause. There are some sale people that misuse their job and basically try to scam many prospects. Many sale people are very professional at their field of works. They know what to say to the right people at the right time. One of my awful experiences from the sale people was definitely …show more content…
At first, I was being very skeptical about this products that she presented to me. Then what caught my attentions was the results that she presented. Honestly, the ways she presented to me way extremely mind blowing. Watching her showing me the result live, was what really blew my mind off. At that point, I bought the products and saw the results myself and was really surprised. From that point on till now, I knew that the sale woman knew what she was doing and she was using law of attractions to attract me to see what she is presenting to the cold prospects that just look and walk away. She knew how to attract cold prospect like me and set them to a deal while presenting a live experiments. Knowing what law of attractions is and knowing how to use law of attractions are two big different things. This sale woman knew the meaning of law of attractions and she was able to use it on me to bring my attentions to her so she can present me the products she want to present. Reflecting from my positive experience, what really made me feel good was that the sale woman wasn’t really desperate when she was presenting. She made me feel desperate to actually to buy the products from her. I like that because she wasn’t really pushy when she was presenting. “Either you want it or other will steal it

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