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A case study seeks to associate with reward and employee motivation and identify association between employee motivation and employee motivation variables for instance gender, age, education, and income level and job experience in banking in Pakistan. The study should be based on primary data and sample size, by use of questionnaires. The partners are, therefore, in case of a business opportunity should apply relevant entrepreneurial skills in order to succeed especially by following the following path. Two hypotheses were developed for the present study and were tested by using Chi-square Test and binary Regression Test. The result of Chi-square shows that P- value is 0.048 of Chi-square its mean there is an
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Reward system is an imperative tool that all banks can use to straight employees to join the bank. All types of rewards motivate to employee to work well. Reward system can be formal or informal program used to recognize individual workers’ achievements. These can be money or other things such as pension, health insurance, bonus, promotion, working conditions, training and healthy environment that you get from being employed. There are two types of reward system, one is financial rewards (salary, bonus, commission, incentives) second is non-financial rewards (promotion, opportunity to completion, training, skills, meaningful work and work kind condition. The Department of Econometrics and Statistics offers the MSc degree in Econometrics and Statistics. It is a new and emerging discipline in Pakistan, providing with an emphasis on the application of econometrics and statistics to policy issues and empirical questions. The MSc in Econometrics and Statistics at PIDE aims to provide advanced instruction and training in econometric theories and the relevant statistical methods. These include basic econometric theory, applied econometrics, probability theory, statistical methods, sampling, time series analysis, financial econometrics, and micro econometrics. This program is for students having a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics

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