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JetBlue: Delighting Customers Through Happy Jetting
In 2007, JetBlue was a thriving young airline with a strong reputation for outstanding service. In fact, the low-fare airline referred to itself as a customer service company that just happened to fly planes. But on Valentine’s Day 2007, JetBlue was hit by the perfect storm—literally—of events that led to an operational meltdown. One of the most severe storms of the decade covered JetBlue’s main hub at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport with a thick layer of snow and ice. Small JetBlue did not have the infrastructure to deal with such a crisis. The severity of the storm, coupled with a series of poor management decisions, left JetBlue passengers stranded in
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What’s the secret to JetBlue’s success? Quite simply, it’s an obsession with making sure that every customer experience lives up to the company slogan, “Happy Jetting.” Lots of companies say they focus on customers. But at JetBlue, customer well-being is ingrained in the culture. From the beginning, JetBlue set out to provide features that would delight customers. For example, most air travelers expect to be squashed when flying coach. But JetBlue has configured its seats with three more inches of legroom than the average airline seat. That may not sound like much. But those three inches allow six-foot three-inch Arianne Cohen, author of The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life from on High, to stretch out and even cross her legs. If that’s not enough, for as little as $10 per flight, travelers can reserve one of JetBlue’s “Even More Legroom” seats, which offer even more space and a flatter recline position. Add the fact that every JetBlue seat is well padded and covered in leather, and you already have an air travel experience that rivals first-class accommodations (something JetBlue doesn’t offer). Food and beverage is another perk that JetBlue customers enjoy. The airline doesn’t serve meals, but it offers the best selection of free beverages and snacks to be found at 30,000 feet. In addition to the standard soft drinks, juices, and salty snacks,

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