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Executive Summary
Employee relationship is a very important issue in the modern business world. All the managers must maintain a good relationship with the employees attain the organizational goal. It will enhance the firm reputation and productivity of the firm. The employees will be ethically stronger. To maintain good flow of the business the manager must maintain a good employee relationship. So, managers must be aware of this issue. He/she can follow a lot of theories for maintaining a healthy and strong relationship with the employees.

Learning Objective 1: Understand the context of employee relations against a changing background
Task 1: Understanding Unitary and Pluralistic Approach

Unitary Frames
Unitary frame of
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It would less lean towards enforcing and more towards co-ordination and influence. The main purpose of management board is to provide guidelines for the subordinates to work accurately for achieving the organizational goal.
Trade union
Trade is considered to be the legal representatives of the employees working in the organization.
These two sub-groups consist of different values and objectives. Many organization pluralism seems to be the most perfect and suitable frame. It is considered perfect to build a good working relationship between managers and employees [ (Hollinshead et al., 2003) ].

This question related with the union substitution and suppression. There is an interesting fact that both strategies can co-exist in the same organization at the same time. Wal-mart claimed that there should be any kind of existence of third party between the labor and management. The company substitutes their presence through informal channels of communication and involvement. The company has been accused of union -busting by the union leaders. While answering to this type of question it should be considered that the overtly anti-union activity is the evidence that the company provides much opportunity for the employees to have a greater level of communication and involvement or it is a part of ideological resistance on employee involvement.

Task 2: Effect of Change in Trade Union on Employee Relations

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