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Motivation, Stress, and Communication
BUS 520 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
November 18, 2012

Motivation, Stress, and Communication

1. Create a brief job description for a position within the company you research that you would like to fill. The company that I would like to have a career with is Aflac. Aflac is a Fortune 500 company that leads the industry in voluntary insurance products that pay cash directly to policyholders and is one of America's best known brands. The position that I would like to have is Senior Strategy Analyst. I would serve as a lead analyst in a strategic role assisting with development, analysis, implementation, change management, and benefits realization of critical
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Because conducting research is so complex, it will be hard to measure. According to Bauer and Erdogan (2009), some of the most important elements of someone’s performance may not be easily quantifiable and should not be measured. I would use aggression when tackling my set goals to perform at a higher level of efficiency. Being realistic will allow me to perform at a pace that would ensure me to reach my achievement. Setting unrealistic goals will stress you out and may keep you from executing your duties. Realistic goal setting will aid me allotting my time wisely to complete every task. I don’t want to be one of those overworked analyst who ends up hating their job. Organization is critical when you have projects that have time constraints. According to Hellriegel (2011), the motivational aspects of goal setting; directs attention regulate effort, increase persistence, and foster strategies and action programs. In order to be an effective analyst, I would need to focus on the relevant and important aspects of the transformational program and be self-motivate to perform better than expected. Quitting for me is not an option therefore, no matter how many times I may miss my mark; I will remain persistent instead of making excuses. To be a strategy analyst setting achievable goals and executing them is very important and motivational.
3. Analyze your own reactions to stressful situations

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